3 free agent pitchers that could help the Chicago White Sox in 2024

Three free-agent pitchers that the Chicago White Sox should be interested in.
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Sean Manaea

The second free-agent pitcher we will look at and maybe hope that the White Sox bring to Chicago is left-hander Sean Manaea. Manaea, formerly of the Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres, had a decent season, playing in 37 games with ten starts. He won seven contests and lost six, earning himself an ERA of 4.44 and a WHIP of 1.241 with the San Francisco Giants in 2023. Manaea is 31 (he’ll be 32 on the 1st of February) and has quite a bit of experience behind him. He would look good in the White Sox rotation and give them some left-handed help which they could use.

The 4.4 ERA was a bit inflated, shown by his 3.9 FIP in 2023.

While Manaea could've been better in 2022 and 2023, his 2021 season in Oakland should be just what the White Sox are looking for. He tossed 179.1 innings and had a sub-four ERA. At worst, he can be an inning eater. Manaea has thrown in over 144 innings in five of his eight big league years.