3 free agent starters who the White Sox must try to get signed right away

The White Sox have prime opportunities on the starting pitching market right now if they act quickly.
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The Chicago White Sox are coming off one of the worst years in franchise history. They have been incredibly mediocre over the years but they rarely ever lose 100 games. In fact, 2023 was just the fourth time in a century that they reached the century mark for losses.

Why were the White Sox so bad? Well, there are a ton of reasons for that type of underperformance. The biggest, however, is the fact that the starting pitching just wasn't good enough. Among all teams in MLB, the White Sox's rotation ranked just 24th by fWAR at 8.7.

Dylan Cease, Lance Lynn, and Michael Kopech failed to pitch to their potential and Lucas Giolito was eventually traded away despite having a good bounce-back year. The reason Giolito was traded (and so was Lynn) was because of how bad the team was by the deadline.

Mike Clevinger is the only starter who began the year with the team and had a good year with them for the entire season. For reasons that have little to do with baseball, Clevinger will not be back in 2024.

The Chicago White Sox already need to rebuild their entire rotation

Because of this, the White Sox were forced to use starters that most people didn't expect to see entering the year. Without good pitching, you can't win. As we saw in the postseason with teams like the Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Houston Astros amongst others, pitching is king.

The White Sox may trade Cease and they may move Kopech to the bullpen. Clevinger, Lynn, and Giolito are going to be gone too so they need an entire new rotation. These are three pitchers that are currently free agents to consider: