3 free agent starters who the White Sox must try to get signed right away

The White Sox have prime opportunities on the starting pitching market right now if they act quickly.
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Frankie Montas

The Chicago White Sox have prematurely let a lot of players leave them too soon over the past decade. One of them is Frankie Montas. The White Sox got Montas as a prospect from the Boston Red Sox in the trade that sent Jake Peavey back to Boston.

The White Sox used him a little bit in 2015 but they eventually traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the three-team trade that landed the White Sox Todd Frazier. Before playing in a single game for the Dodgers, he was traded to the Oakland A's where he became a very good pitcher.

With the A's. he was there for parts of six seasons where he went 35-30 with a 3.0 ERA. The A's were actually pretty good for most of his tenure there. During the 2022 season, Montas was traded to the New York Yankees.

He is now a free agent after a 2023 season that saw him appear in just one game because of an injury. There isn't anything from the last year to really evaluate him on so teams will just be hoping for a big injury bounce-back.

The White Sox should consider bringing him back. He will be entering his age 31 season on Opening Day so he doesn't have the potential that he once did but he could still come to town and provide a few really good outings for a team that will desperately need it.