3 insane Chicago White Sox trade packages for Gavin Sheets

The Chicago White Sox could think about trading Gavin Sheets. These might be worthy trade packages.
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The Chicago White Sox have a few players that they should move on from before they fall off a cliff this season.

One of those players is 1B/OF Gavin Sheets. He is a left-handed power hitter who can be versatile when it comes to his defense.

A lot of teams would sign up for a player just like Sheets as they prepare to make a deep playoff run following the regular season.

Of everywhere that Gavin Sheets could go, these three trade packages make the most sense for him. They also make the most sense for the White Sox in terms of the return package:

Gavin Sheets would be great for the Boston Red Sox if he ended up there

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The Chicago White Sox are not going to get top-100 MLB prospects back for Gavin Sheets but they could get a couple of players that help them win one day.

Allan Castro is currently listed as the number 12 prospect in the system for Boston. He is an outfielder looking to continue his development. He currently plays in A+ ball at 20 years old.

Nathan Hickey is a catcher who is ranked 16th in Boston's system. He is a little older (24) but he is playing in AAA already.

The White Sox would be wise to consider prospects like this. They could use depth in the outfield and at catcher over the years because those positions are always going to need filling.