3 insane Chicago White Sox trade packages for Gavin Sheets

The Chicago White Sox could think about trading Gavin Sheets. These might be worthy trade packages.
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Gavin Sheets going to the Baltimore Orioles makes a lot of sense

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Gavin Sheets is very familiar with the Baltimore area as his dad played for the Baltimore Orioles back in the day. Now, it would be fitting for him to end up there all these years later.

Seth Johnson is the 10th overall prospect in their system at 25 years old. He is currently pitching in AA.

As for Thomas Sosa, the White Sox have had plenty of people named Sosa play for them before. Thomas Sosa is an outfielder who ranks 22nd in their system. He is a 19-year-old with a lot of room for improvement soon.

Both of these guys are risks but risks worth taking for Chris Getz and the White Sox. With some more development and a chance to succeed, they could become great baseball players.