3 insane Chicago White Sox trade packages for Gavin Sheets

The Chicago White Sox could think about trading Gavin Sheets. These might be worthy trade packages.
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The Seattle Mariners should consider someone like Gavin Sheets

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Can you imagine if the Seattle Mariners traded for Gavin Sheets? It would be a good move for both sides. Sheets is looking to be on a good team and the White Sox are looking to take advantage of that fact with the nice start that he is having.

The Seattle Mariners would be a good trade partner for a variety of reasons. For one, Sheets would go to a team that has a chance to compete in the AL West.

Two, the White Sox may find some great prospects in return from a team like the M's. If that did happen, both sides would be so happy.

Aidan Smith is a 19 year old outfielder currently playing in A ball as their number 13 prospect. Ben Williamson is their number 15 prospect right now. He is a 23 year old third baseman playing in high-A.

All of the players that would come back in a Sheets trade are young and need a varying amount of development. That is where the White Sox are at right now though with their rebuild. We'll see how that goes.