3 midseason decisions that have already killed the White Sox's playoff chances

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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3. They kept Aaron Bummer

The Chicago White Sox should have let go of Aaron Bummer with them.

The Chicago White Sox did decide to let go of Jose Ruiz and Jake Diekman. However, they kept Aaron Bummer who has pitched just as bad if not worse.

They are not good at getting struggling pitchers back on track. Bummer has great stuff but the command and luck have been low for him.

If he were on another team, he'd be thriving because they would present him with good information that helps him. Just look at how Lance Lynn has pitched with the Dodgers.

The White Sox should have DFA'd Bummer a long time ago. Instead, he remained with the team to pitch poorly and now they are really out of the race with no coming back.

It will be interesting to see if big changes are made to this organization during the off-season. If recent history suggests anything, it is that things will remain the same.

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