3 midseason ownership decisions that killed the 2023 White Sox

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team. This applies to their play on the field and the way that they act off the field.

This will be the second straight year with no post-season and it is absolutely disgusting to watch. They are so far away from being a good team.

Part of the reason that they are so bad is because of the fact that Jerry Reinsdorf is such a terrible owner. He doesn't do anything to help this team get better.

Once he is not the owner anymore, there is a chance that things could change but not a second earlier.

These are the three biggest mistakes he made that led to the downfall of the 2023 team specifically:

1. Hiring Tony La Russa a few years ago

The Chicago White Sox were not good with Tony La Russa in his 2nd stint.

How is a hiring that Jerry Reinsdorf made multiple years ago hurting the team in 2023? Well, for one, he went above his people in charge to make baseball decisions and put this out-of-touch manager in charge.

The team hasn't been the same since. They also had to wait two years with La Russa, let it run it's course, and wait for him to be gone.

Then, Rick Hahn was already a mess by the time that he got to chose his own manager and he made a terrible decision. He chose to bring in Pedro Grifol who might be an even worse manager than TLR was for them.

This is not the hire that Rick Hahn would have made in 2020 after that season ended. Someone better would be in charge and things might very well be different today.

Again, this one really wasn't mid-season but none of the bad mid-season decisions happen without this bad one.