3 midseason ownership decisions that killed the 2023 White Sox

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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2. Waiting to Fire Hahn and Williams in 2023

The White Sox should have fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams last year.

Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams have both been bad at their jobs for ten years. Yes, they are handcuffed by a bad owner.

However, there are a lot of front-office people in Major League Baseball handcuffed by bad owners and they win a lot more than the White Sox do.

These two exemplified very little creativity and effort toward building a better product. The rebuild failed and they couldn't do anything to avoid that.

Jerry Reinsdorf, being the bad owner that he is, kept them for far too long. He is way too loyal to people who don't help this team take steps forward (sound familiar, TLR?).

These two should have been gone along with La Russa after the 2022 season came to an end. Instead, we wasted a whole off-season and regular season with them running the show.

He even let them run the trade deadline which was a disaster knowing they fired them two weeks later. What was he thinking?