3 mistakes the White Sox are going to make with their roster in 2024

The Chicago White Sox are going to make a lot of mistakes with their roster in 2024.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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Oscar Colas is likely going to be handled the wrong way in 2024

The Chicago White Sox have not done right by Oscar Colas throughout his MLB career so far. He is not someone that they treated the right way over the years.

He is a very talented baseball player but their development of him has kept him from realizing his true potential up to this point.

Colas started last season at the big league level but he didn't get in the lineup a lot at first. After that, he played with the big club for far too long.

They allowed him to just sit there and get abused by Major League pitching throughout the first half of the season. It was way too late before they sent him to AAA.

Once he got to AAA, it was clear that his confidence was shaken. He never got back to the player that he was before the year began.

Now, it is pretty clear that they are going to make similar mistakes with him again this year. Whatever is worse for his development, you can count on them to do.

A smart team, at this point, would start him in AAA. If he plays well down there, you call him up and then let him figure it out from there. If he can't do it this time around, he isn't meant to be an MLB player.