3 mistakes the White Sox are going to make with their roster in 2024

The Chicago White Sox are going to make a lot of mistakes with their roster in 2024.
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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Dylan Cease is going to be on the White Sox Opening Day roster

The Chicago White Sox have one clear best pitcher. His name is Dylan Cease. Yes, having him on the Opening Day roster is going to be a mistake.

It is not going to be a mistake because he doesn't deserve it. He is going to be the Opening Day starter because he's so good.

With that said, this is a mistake because it means they didn't trade him. He had a slow year last year considering he was a Cy Young runner-up the year prior but he is still good.

They are in danger of now diminishing his value even more though because he is going to be on a bad team again. That is not smart business.

Chicago should be trying to trade Dylan Cease as soon as they can. The fact that they haven't done it yet is not good.

Cease will be on the roster to start the season and that is a major mistake. We can only hope that it works out to the point where he gets his value back to it's peak but it is unlikely.

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