3 of the most hated Chicago White Sox players since 2000

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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2. Nomar Mazara

The Chicago White Sox don't have good memories with Nomar Mazara.

The Chicago White Sox brought in Nomar Mazara in 2020. He only got to play in the short season with the White Sox but he was straight-up awful.

In his first four years of the league with the Texas Rangers, he was a great player. He had 20 home runs in the first 3 years and 19 in the 4th.

In that fourth year, he also dealt with some injuries so he probably would have gone over 20 in a full year.

Then, the White Sox traded for him. Yes, he wasn't going to hit 20 home runs in the short season. He could have had more than one though.

Sox fans thought they were getting a good right fielder that would help put them over the edge but he hurt them more than he helped them.

Fans still bring him up to this day. Any time a rookie hits his first home run, they tied Nomar Mazara in home runs in a White Sox uniform. It is funny but also infuriating.