3 of the most hated Chicago White Sox players since 2000

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3. Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche will never be remembered well by Chicago White Sox fans.

The Chicago White Sox fans can confidently say that they will never forget Adam LaRoche. Absolutely none of that memory has anything to do with baseball.

Ahead of the 2015 season, LaRoche signed a deal with the Chicago White Sox. Coming off a really good year with the Washington Nationals the year prior, he had high hopes with the Sox.

Of course, in typical White Sox fashion, he was terrible. It was the worst year of his career in almost every way. He was mostly healthy and he wasn't in other down years of his career.

The following year saw some drama off the field but in the clubhouse. Adam didn't like that his son Drake LaRoche (14 years old) was no longer allowed in the clubhouse every single day.

He voluntarily retired because he didn't agree with that rule. How can someone think that a 14 year old kid belongs in an MLB clubhouse every single day? That was crazy.

Of course, that was the first of many horrible things that came from the 2016 season. He will never be remembered fondly after that.

It was good to see him go because he was terrible on and off the field. Nobody in White Sox land has missed him or will ever like him.

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