3 most likely trade partners for the Chicago White Sox

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2. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers could make a deal.

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers share a home in spring training. They could also share a big trade this summer.

The Dodgers would be a great team for Tim Anderson as he tries to get his season on track. He has already started to play better since the All-Star break and that might make the Dodgers consider him.

Like the O's, they could also use another arm or two in their rotation. Lucas Giolito or Lance Lynn (or both) make sense for them. You might even see them use Los Angeles's resources to better themselves.

The White Sox and Dodgers play in opposite leagues as well so it might be easier to make a big trade with a team like that.

Los Angeles might be going for something bigger too but don't be surprised if they land on one of these guys instead.