3 most likely trade partners for the Chicago White Sox

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3. Atlanta Braves

The Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves work for a trade right now.

Like the Dodgers, the Atlanta Braves are in the National League so the White Sox might have less of a problem making a trade with them.

There are a few American League teams, like the Orioles, that are okay making a trade with but dealing with the NL is certainly easier.

The Atlanta Braves are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball and they have been all season long. However, they could use some pitching.

The White Sox, as mentioned before, have that pitching available. The Sox have starters and relievers that could help the Braves win the World Series for the second time in three years.

It would be much more fun for the White Sox to be thinking of what they could buy instead of what they can sell but it is their own fault.

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