3 pending free agents the White Sox must let walk

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2. Elvis Andrus

The Chicago White Sox should not bring back Elvis Andrus again in 2024.

Elvis Andrus came to the White Sox at the end of the 2022 season to try and help them get the division title. They looked like they had a chance at one point there but they fell short.

When playing for them at that point in time, he was the starting shortstop because Tim Anderson was injured for the rest of the season. For whatever reason, he found extreme comfort in Chicago early on.

With Tim Anderson coming back ahead of 2023, they didn't need a shortstop anymore. They did, however, need a second baseman which they have needed for multiple years now.

After an off-season of no second baseman being added, the White Sox decided to bring back Andrus right before spring training began. He was going to play second for the first time in his career.

The idea of bringing back Andrus for another year was nice at the time because of how good he was in 2022. Unfortunately, he wasn't good this year at all. He is slashing .255/.309/.364 with an OPS of .673. He has six homers and 44 RBIs with 38 runs.

There is no reason for the White Sox to bring this player in his mid-30s back for next year. They should be working on the long-term second base plan instead. Andrus might have not even had a job in 2023 if it weren't for the White Sox and now we know why.