3 pending free agents the White Sox must let walk

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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3. Mike Clevinger

The Chicago White Sox should get Mike Clevinger out of there.

The Chicago White Sox made the mistake of signing Mike Clevinger during the off-season. Once he was signed, he was investigated for some pretty big issues off the field which was yet another bad look for the White Sox. Don't they look into these things?

Then, Clevinger put them in a hard position because he ended up having a pretty good season. It wasn't Cy Young caliber or anything like that but he was statistically the best starter on the team. Although he was incredibly hard to cheer for this year, facts are facts when it comes to his play.

There is a mutual option for the 2024 season. Even if Mike Clevinger wants to pick it up, the White Sox should absolutely not and let him walk in free agency. They have no obligation to bring him back just because he had one good year on a really bad team.

Sometimes, the way you act and the way you treat people should matter. Clevinger has no business coming back to a White Sox team trying to reset their culture. They should absolutely make sure that he is on another team next year.

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