3 places the Chicago White Sox better not trade Dylan Cease to

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The Chicago White Sox are a bad team trying to get better. They went 61-101 in 2023 which was good for the fourth worst record in the entire league. This off-season is very important for them as they look to turn things around

Chris Getz spoke to the media at the GM meetings and he made it clear that he believes change is needed. Actions speak louder than words so we will see what he does as the winter goes along. 

The White Sox might be looking to trade some of their better players. At the top of the list is Dylan Cease who they wanted to move at the deadline. Now, it sounds like he could be back on the block again. 

The Sox want to make sure they get a good return for Cease who is a great pitcher. However, there are a few teams that the White Sox should just avoid trading Cease to. Moving him to one of these three teams would be a disaster:

1. Minnesota Twins

Dylan Cease on the Minnesota Twins would not be good for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox don't need to be trading Dylan Cease to their biggest division rival in the Minnesota Twins. That is the number one team that they should not move him to.

Of course, you want the best return possible for him but sending him to the reigning AL Central champions would not be ideal.

They had a good playoff season but there is more work for them to do. Adding another starter might be near the top of their priority list too so Cease would be perfect for them.

It just wouldn't be fun seeing him pitch for the Minnesota Twins. You know he'd come back to Chicago and dominate the White Sox regularly every year for the rest of his career. That is not what they want to see.