3 players the Chicago White Sox must cut before June is over

The Chicago White Sox have a few players that they should cut before June is over.
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox need to let go of Martin Maldonado soon

Martin Maldonado is a very good defensive catcher and always has been. The Houston Astros used to love him because of how he played back there. They didn’t care if he ever got a hit because of how well he played the position. 

At 37 years old, however, things are different. He is not good enough as a defensive catcher to outweigh how bad he’s been as a hitter. He is likely the worst hitter in the league. 

Right now, he is slashing .081/.132/.128 for an OPS of .260. He has one home run, four RBIs, and one run scored. You won’t see stats this bad for an MLB player because most teams don’t play guys that bad. 

The White Sox should have already cut ties with him but he should be gone before June is over. Korey Lee should be the new primary catcher and they can give someone else a look as the backup. Enough is enough.