3 players that need to step up for the White Sox to contend in 2024

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Michael Kopech

Michael Kopech's 2024 Chicago White Sox season is very important.

The Chicago White Sox are in the middle of a very bad season. Part of the reason that things haven't gone right is the fact that Michael Kopech hasn't reached his potential.

He had the arm to become an elite ace in this game. He still very well might. However, lots of factors on and off the field have kept him from reaching that ceiling.

Now, there are questions as to whether or not he should be a starter, a long reliever, or a closer. There are good arguments to be made for him in all of those roles.

Regardless of the outcome there, the White Sox should do what they can to get Kopech on the right track in 2024.

If he is able to have a good year, no matter what his role is, the White Sox could see their win total come up a little bit. He has all of the talent in the world but he needs to go out there and use it.

All three of these guys are good players that could be elite players if they just put it all together. Hopefully, we start to see that happen for them soon.

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