3 players who will not make it through the season for the Chicago White Sox

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
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Eloy Jimenez

Folks, this one is a surprise. Eloy Jimenez won’t be designated for assignment or cut, he might be traded but he will most likely not last the season due to injury.

We have already seen what happens when he runs to first base. Several times in his career, his dashing to first base has resulted in injuries. It happened again this past Sunday.

Jimenez is fragile and he’s likely going to end the season on the injured list. You can almost bet on it.

When he’s on, he’s good but Jimenez hasn’t been “on” in the regular season for a while. Yes, he did have a decent spring training but he’s starting out rocky and of course, getting hurt doesn’t help.

It’s not known, at this time, whether he’s going to miss a lot of time or not but if he does, he will start yet another season with a disappointment.

The White Sox can’t afford any more of this. That’s why, if it gets to be too much of a burden, they will shelve him for the year or attempt to trade him away.