3 players the Chicago White Sox gave up on too quickly

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The Chicago White Sox are not a team loaded with a recent past of good decisions. They have made a lot of very poor decisions over the last decade or so and that is why they are just incredibly mediocre.

One thing that they need to be better at is keeping the good players instead of giving up on them way too soon. That has been an issue over the last handful of years.

Since they won the World Series in 2005, there is a long list of players that you can claim they gave up on way too soon.

There are a few that stick out just a tad bit above the rest. These are the three most notable players that the White Sox gave up on way too quickly:

1. Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr. would have been a great Chicago White Sox player.

Of course, the easy answer is Fernando Tatis Jr. They gave him up way too easily and way too quickly. They sent him to the San Diego Padres in the trade that brought James Shields to the White Sox.

Obviously, Tatis Jr. wasn't projected to be the player that he became at the time of the trade but they still let him go way too soon. They didn't need to be trading any young players away for James Shields at the time of the move.

It is the worst decision in the history of the Chicago White Sox because this guy is an absolute star now. Of course, there are some off-the-field things that he deals with but when he is playing there is no doubt that he is one of the best in the league.