3 players the Chicago White Sox gave up on too quickly

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3. Trayce Thompson

The Chicago White Sox made multiple mistakes with Trayce Thompson.

Trayce Thompson started off his career with the Chicago White Sox and did an okay job in limited playing time. They let him go in the three way trade that landed them Todd Frazier though and he was gone.

They had another chance at him a few years later and let him go again. That was clearly a mistake because he is a great baseball player. He is just one of the guys with the Los Angeles Dodgers but he would be a mainstay in this Chicago White Sox lineup right now.

So far during this season with the Dodgers, Trayce is off to a scorching hot start too. He has three home runs, 9 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.256 through seven games. Obviously, things don't stay that good all season long but he can be a really good player all year long.

All of these guys would be able to help the White Sox out a lot in the year 2023 but they are with other teams making an impact. Hopefully, they do better at not giving up on good young players too soon.

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