3 players the Chicago White Sox should promote soon

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
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3. Oscar Colas

OF Oscar Colas should be up with the Major League Baseball team.

Oscar Colas made the Chicago White Sox out of camp. He deserved it too. The White Sox banked on him playing well in 2023 as they didn't sign anyone to be the right fielder.

It was always either going to be Colas out there or a first baseman. Of course, both decisions were bad. First baseman shouldn't be in the outfield and rookies struggle sometimes.

Since the start of the year, the White Sox sent Colas down to AAA Charlotte which makes their mistake even more egregious.

They should have stuck with him and let him figure it out at the Major League level. There is little more he can learn from the minors based on the way he has played in the past and spring training.

The White Sox should call him back up as soon as possible. It isn't like the rest of their season will be impacted by developing him at this level. They are a bad team so they might as well let him learn how to adjust.

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