3 players who could play second base for the White Sox in 2024

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3. Colson Montgomery

Colson Montgomery could be used as a second baseman next year.

This solution may shock many of the White Sox fanbase but if times become desperate and the organization isn't interested in trading away certain players or spending money on the free agent market, it might be time to "let the kids play."

Montgomery has been place to place, all over the White Sox farm system, and whatever level he's at or wherever he's playing, he's been dominant consistently.

There is risk in this option without a doubt but if the White Sox fails yet again to play highly competitive baseball in 2024, they should simply take the hint and try to mature the prospects they plan to keep around in the future.

Montgomery is going to make an impact at some point in his career with the White Sox. It would be an excellent opportunity to let him come up and learn how the majors work so he can get more comfortable quickly. It's genuinely something to think about and also the least tasking financially.

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