3 players who should not play another game for the Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are off to a historically bad start to begin the 2024 season.

They have been shut out eight times in 22 games, and for the second straight season in the Pedro Grifol era, the season is virtually over before May even started. The White Sox continue to play journeymen veterans who are below league average and continue to misuse their young talent. Jose Rodriguez, the team's former 6th overall prospect who was called up from AA last season to basically just pinch run, was released earlier in the season.

Also, we have already seen Nick Nastrini, Lenyn Sosa, and Oscar Colas be brought up and then sent back down to the minors with very limited professional action. The front office has shown the fans that they have no intentions of trying to win this year, but it is time to show the fans something to look forward to.

It is time to call up and evaluate players who have potential and could be contributors for the team in years to come, and for that to happen, the following veterans should have played their last game for the South Siders.

Martin Maldonado

The most obvious veteran that needs to go is Maldonado. The thought originally when the Sox signed Maldonado was that he was a defensive veteran who knew how to handle the pitching staff. This would have been a good idea in theory, if it was 2020, but in 2024 his offensive production has taken a nose dive.

His production has dropped off considerably as if it jumped off Mount Everest.

Maldonado is batting a putrid .048 and already has a -0.9 WAR in just 42 at-bats. Not only has he not been making an impact offensively, but is his defensive impact and intangibles really felt throughout the clubhouse? The team's ERA is second to last at 5.20, and Korey Lee has been hitting well lately. I think it would be more entertaining for the fans to see what Carlos Perez can do in a split with Korey Lee until Edgar Quero is ready.

Robbie Grossman

There is a benefit of having players who are not expensive when you are not trying to win, and I understand wanting to improve your defensive identity. But with a 3-22 record, what is the point of having a 35-year-old journeyman who has an OPS+ of 55 and a batting average below .200?

If the team is going to be bad, is it too much to ask for the fans to see players who have a chance to be on the roster past 2024? The team is 25th in Fielding % and 26th in Defensive Runs Saved Above Average. Only if the White Sox had a young player who wasn't a defensive liability and had some potential in the minor leagues, oh wait, they have Oscar Colas!

Chris Flexen

What better way to inspire your fan base than by signing a pitcher who has a career ERA of 5.00 in seven seasons. Fans knew coming into the season the team was going to be bad, but if the team can't draft higher than 10 in 2025, it would make sense to sign a pitcher with a better resume that could have helped the team be somewhat competitive.

Johnny Cueto, who was beloved by Sox Fans in 2022, just signed to a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers. Additionally, sending down Nick Nastrini after just two starts, one of them against a high-powered Phillies offense, and opting to keep Flexen, who has a 6.41 ERA, doesn't make any sense for a team who should be evaluating their young talent and giving them pro-experience.