3 players who will become available for trade if White Sox stay out of contention

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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2. Liam Hendriks

Liam Hendriks is someone that can help any contender out in 2023.

Liam Hendriks, as you know by now, had the most challenging battle he's ever faced during the off-season. As he defeated cancer, he is now getting ready to return to Major League Baseball.

It has been a long time coming but he will certainly be back over the next few weeks. He has been working his way back in a baseball sense.

There is no way that Liam is happy to be working this hard to come back just to stick with a team that is going nowhere. The White Sox can do him a favor by moving him to an elite team if they stay out of contention ahead of the deadline.

Like Giolito, Hendriks is the type of player that will be highly coveted around that time of year. There are plenty of elite teams that can use a lockdown closer.

He was as good as any closer in the game ahead of his diagnosis and there is no reason to think he'll be anything but elite when he returns. He very well could be traded at some point.