3 potential replacements for Pedro Grifol as White Sox manager

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3. Craig Counsell

The Chicago White Sox should consider interviewing Craig Counsell.

The Milwaukee Brewers have had some good years with Craig Counsell as their manager. It never came out that he is out as Brewers manager but his contract is up and nothing has been said.

However, he is reportedly going to interview for the New York Mets job as they fired Buck Showalter at the end of their season. Of course, going to the Mets would bring Counsell back under David Stearns who was with the Brewers until now.

If that somehow falls through and he decides to leave Milwaukee, the Chicago White Sox should be all over it. Bringing in a guy like that who has been good recently is a better idea than keeping Grifol who does not deserve to be this team's manager.

Counsell is 707-625 as a Major League manager. Bringing in a guy who wins more than he loses is and isn't a decade removed from the game is something that they should consider this time around.

Again, it is not a lock that they move on from Grifol. However, if they want to win in 2024, they need to do this and move on. One of these guys would be fun.

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