3 prospects that should get a chance for the White Sox in Spring Training

These are three prospects that should get a chance in Spring Training.
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Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz is a left-handed pitcher who is currently poised to make a jump to the majors at some point, maybe not this year, but soon. The six-foot-nine giant is starting to turn some heads and deserves to give things a try in Spring Training. Schultz, a 2022 draft pick, has a ton of upside and he’s nearing the point where he could make a difference in the majors. He needs to work his way through the upper echelons of minor league ball, but an appearance in Spring Training could and should help his cause toward making the White Sox top-line roster.

Schultz has just ten games under his belt in the minors with one win and two losses. His ERA is just 1.33 and a WHIP of 0.85 with 27 total innings pitched. Although he hasn’t appeared in a to of games, he has posted some decent numbers. He needs a little more work, but the White Sox should take a good look at him in Spring Training this year.

I think that Schultz is going to be a star and the White Sox need to realize this sooner rather than later. That’s why he must be present at Spring Training, so the team can have a good look at him and plan for his arrival in the future.