3 prospects that should get a chance for the White Sox in Spring Training

These are three prospects that should get a chance in Spring Training.
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Peyton Pallette

Peyton Pallette, a right-handed pitcher, is yet another player that the Chicago White Sox should consider bringing along to Spring Training. The 22-year-old is a 2022 Sox draft pick and he has a lot of promise. This guy deserves to come to Spring Training and show the managerial staff what he has to offer. His career in the minors is a little more extensive than some may think. He has played in and started in 22 games for the White Sox minor league team, the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers, and hasn’t won any games, but took four losses.

His ERA for those 22 starts is 4.13, which isn't great, but he has a lot of room to improve. Pallette’s WHIP in those games was 1.361.

I think that the White Sox need to take a long look at Pallette and decide if he is someone that they could use in the near term. I still think this young man has some room to grow and will need more time in the minors to develop and become a solid pitcher. The White Sox need to take notice that Pallette is eventually going to be a star and will end up becoming one of their best pitchers, provided he can stay the course and continue his strong development track.