3 reasons the Chicago White Sox should not bring back Jose Abreu

He needs to revive himself on a contender
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Abreu should retire.

Signing him to a one-day contract so he can retire with the White Sox makes sense. Asking him to contribute to a team on pace to possibly finish with the worst record in the 162-game schedule era is not a good idea for the simple reason that Abreu might be washed.

Maldonado's numbers are so bad that they reflect a player that should have retired two years ago. Abreu's numbers this year are not much better than Maldy's.

If Martin has no business being on a baseball field anymore, Abreu is in the same boat. Jose has tried to revive his declining numbers as he accepted a demotion to Houston's Florida Complex League. It did not work.

Now Pito has always been a slow starter, but this time he is 37. His decline might just be time telling him his career is up.

Abreu's White Sox career will always deserve legendary status. He should have his number retired, but a second go-around as a player should not be in the cards.