3 Reasons To Not Like The Chicago White Sox Starting Rotation

It lacks an ace and is cheap with the potential to be terrible.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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3) The projections do not look good.

When it comes to fWAR, this rotation is projected to finish at 8.2. Only the Colorado Rockies and Washington Nationals are projected to fair worse and the Oakland A's are forecasted to finish with the same number as the White Sox.

The projection means the Sox have no real value in the rotation when it comes to their starters. Thorpe is predicted to have the best fWAR on the staff and we do not know if he will start the season in the big leagues.

The staff ERA is projected to finish at 4.74 and the FIP is 4.86. Not great Bob!

These are just forecasts and someone is bound to exceed expectations. Then again, someone is bound to do even worse.

It just would be nice to have a rotation that at least has some value because then there is someone to trade at the deadline. Instead, we have to hope Flexen and Soroka exceed expectations. The rotation could have been constructed better, but then again you can say that for the rest of the roster.