3 reasons to pay attention to the Chicago White Sox as 2024 moves along

There are still a few reasons to pay attention to the 2024 Chicago White Sox.
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Luis Robert Jr. should be fun to watch when he comes back from injury.

The Chicago White Sox have one position player who is a certified star in Major League Baseball. That player is Luis Robert Jr. He is currently injured and has only played in a handful of games so far in 2024. 

Injuries have defined the career of Luis Robert Jr. When he is healthy, he can be one of the best players with both his bat and his glove. It is a treat to watch. 

Adding a player like this to the heart of Chicago’s order will make them much more watchable. It will also make some of the other players on the team better as they will be slotted right and have more protection. 

Although Luis Robert Jr. won’t come back and turn things around for the team (no single player in the league would), he will be entertaining to watch as long as he comes back truly healthy.