3 Reasons It Was Smart The Chicago White Sox Traded Dylan Cease

Yes, the starting rotation will be awful, but the trade had to happen for these three reasons...
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This signals the Sox will eventually pivot away from trying to be the Kansas City Royals.

The White Sox might as well be called Royals North with how many former Kansas City players this team currently has on the roster or invited to camp.

Now that Getz is completing the roster teardown portion, he had to do something to patch together a roster until the kids can play. He might as well do it with players he is familiar with.

This trade signals that soon the team will not be trying to be royal. Instead, it is shaping up to be a team that will be built around starting pitching.

You could be looking at a future starting rotation of Schultz, Thorpe, Nick Nastrini, Iriarte, and Jake Eder. That has the potential to be a good rotation and one on the cheap as they will all be under team control. Even if a couple of those guys end up not panning out, if the Sox could hit on two or three of them, that should put them on the way toward being competitive.

It is almost like the Sox are starting to replicate another division rival in the Cleveland Guardians. If you are going to mimic a rival, that is the one to do copy as they develop pitching.

We will get more of an idea of where Getz is going to take this team once the draft happens as that will be the first draft that he will oversee. At least there is an idea of what he is trying to build on the Southside and eventually, it will not include so many former Royals.