3 reasons why Colson Montgomery should be the White Sox shortstop in 2024

Three reasons Colson Montgomery should play in 2024.
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Montgomery has had success at each level thus far

Through three levels and 223 at-bats in 2023, Montgomery slashed .287/.456/.484. Montgomery drew an even amount of strikeouts and walks, hit eight home runs, and drove in 37 runs. Sure, the shortstop's numbers dipped a bit in Birmingham. but that's to be expected for a young player.

Montgomery picked back up where he left off in the Arizona Fall League and was named the Most Valuable Player at the Fall Stars Game.

Montgomery has maintained his top prospect status and has gotten on base at each level. No challenge has been too much for Montgomery, and the next step should be the big leagues. If Montgomery has another solid spring, this should be a no-brainer decision.

With that being said, why wait with Montgomery? The talented shortstop will be 22 when Opening Day rolls around and has the highest offensive upside of the infield options. The Sox brought in veteran Paul DeJong, but the experienced infielder is a glove-first player who has never been a plus with the bat. You know what you're getting with DeJong, Nicky Lopez, or Romy Gonzalez, so why not give Montgomery a shot?