3 reasons why the Chicago White Sox should trade Dylan Cease during the season

Three reasons why the White Sox should trade Dylan Cease later in the season.
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A chance to win more games during the season

If Cease can return to the form that he displayed in 2022, the White Sox could end up winning more games before they trade him which would be a huge advantage to them. They need to keep him and let him win them more games than they would without him. Even though they aren’t predicted to be that good, any wins they get will put them at an advantage. And who’s to say that if the White Sox like what they see out of Cease in 2024, they won’t sign him to a long-term deal themselves?

Something just feels right about Cease staying with the White Sox. It doesn’t seem like they should be searching for a new home for him but instead, should be finding a way to keep him. But the allure of being able to bring more prospects to the team by trading him can be strong and I would say that it’s likely very strong with White Sox management. He’s a hot commodity that could get even hotter with a great start to the 2024 season and that could help the White Sox in many ways.