3 risky Chicago White Sox trade packages for Shohei Ohtani

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The Chicago White Sox are a horrible baseball team. It isn't even May though so there is still time for them to turn it around but they need help.

There are lots of ways for this team to do something about it. Some are realistic and some are not so realistic based on how the team normally operates their business.

One likely unrealistic solution is the idea of Shohei Ohtani. There are reports that he may be traded if the Los Angeles Angels are out of a playoff spot in the summer.

If the White Sox somehow pulled off something like that, they would need to make a crazy trade. A deal like that might look something like this:

1. To White Sox: Shohei Ohtani - To Angels: Eloy Jimenez, Andrew Vaughn, Sean Burke, Noah Schultz

The White Sox would be giving up some value to land Shohei Ohtani.

The Chicago White Sox need to make a huge move. They haven't been good at developing a lot of young talent and most of the guys that have developed well can't stay healthy.

Eloy Jimenez is the finest example of that as he just doesn't stay on the field enough for anyone to consider him reliable.

Andrew Vaughn is good but he hasn't become the power-hitting threat that we thought he might be just yet. He still has plenty of time but if you get Shohei Ohtani for him, it's an easy decision.

Sean Burke and Noah Schultz are two very good prospects. It might be good for them to get out of this organization that is almost certainly going to mess up their development. It's a lot but it would take a haul for the Angels to do this.