3 scariest contracts on the Chicago White Sox roster right now

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3. Aaron Bummer

Aaron Bummer has been a disaster for the Chicago White Sox lately.

Aaron Bummer will be making five million dollars with the White Sox in 2024. It is a lot of money to be paying someone as bad as him so it is clearly a scary contract right now.

There are club options in 2025 and 2026 but the White Sox will almost certainly not pick those up which makes it a little better but having him in 2024 is still bad.

Bummer started to fall off in 2022 but he became a disaster of a reliever in 2023. The White Sox should absolutely DFA him but he is the one that has avoided it for whatever reason.

Maybe, just maybe, if he is really bad again in 2024 they can get rid of him. He will go to another team and succeed because they will help him take command of his stuff back but it isn't working with this White Sox team.

The White Sox really need to start being smarter with their contracts. They don't buy premium free agents but they do waste a lot of money on bad players. It just makes no sense.

Hopefully, everyone has a happy Halloween while being scared of these completely scary contracts on the books of the Chicago White Sox.

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