3 surprise White Sox players who performed better than expected in 2023

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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2. Touki Toussaint

Touki Toussaint was a very nice starting pitcher for the White Sox in 2023.

Touki Toussaint is someone who did not come into this season expecting to be part of the 2023 Chicago White Sox starting rotation.

With injuries to certain players in addition to Lucas Giolito and Lance Lynn being traded away in July, this team needed people to make starts for them.

Toussaint was given that opportunity and he ran with it. There have been some tough games but he mostly did a good job getting through a fair amount of innings to help the White Sox reach the end of the season.

His ERA of 4.97 isn't good but it isn't horrific either. It is also well below his 5.21 career ERA which was much higher before the season started. He had a 1.0 WAR this year which is pretty good for a player that didn't foresee time in the Majors this season.

His career WAR is 0.3 so he was negative before the year began which is crazy. His rise to play well in the big leagues should make him feel great.