3 teams the White Sox could trade Dylan Cease to this week

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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2. New York Mets

The New York Mets might be looking for someone like Dylan Cease right now.

The New York Mets are going to try and shed some payroll while trying to win in 2024. Trading for someone like Dylan Cease would be a great idea for them with that type of plan in motion. 

The last few off-seasons have seen them spend all this money without getting much in return. Adding a cost-controlled asset like Cease to try again this year would be a great idea. 

Like the Cubs, they just added a manager to the mix but they have some other roster holes to fill as well. Everyone can use some starting pitching though and the Mets would look great with someone like Cease near the top of the rotation. 

A few really good starters are already in place with the Mets. Cease wouldn’t have to walk on and be the certified ace pitcher right away. He would be able to just come in and work on his own game with much less pressure. 

New York has prospects and they have proven that they are willing to give them away for ready-to-win talent. Cease would fit that bill so the White Sox should be on the phone with them.