3 things to root for as the White Sox season winds down

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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2. Luis Robert Jr. hitting 40 home runs

It would be nice to see Luis Robert Jr. get to the 40 home run plateau.

The Chicago White Sox knew that they hit a home run when they landed Luis Robert Jr. as an international free-agent prospect. He had all the tools of a player that could become a superstar. There was a lot of hope riding on his success.

The White Sox saw him deal with a ton of injuries and inconsistencies in his first few years. He was a good player but he wasn't becoming a great player and it was scary. However, this season has seen him become a great player. In fact, there were points where he looked MVP-caliber.

Now, Robert Jr. is sitting with 37 home runs and nine games left to go. Becoming a 40 home run guy is a big deal in this league. it separates the good home-run hitters from the great ones. The White Sox haven't had a 40 home run hitter in a while and Robert is knocking on the door.

Watching the White Sox to root for three more home runs for Robert Jr. is worth it. He is also a 4.7 WAR player so we'll see just how close to 5 he can get. There is no doubt that this has been an incredible season for their former number-one prospect.