3 things the White Sox must address at the 2023 Winter Meetings

The Chicago White Sox have a few things to address at the Winter Meetings
Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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The White Sox need a back-up plan at manager ahead of the 2024 season

Pedro Grifol was not a good manager for the White Sox in 2023. He helped them be one of the worst teams that the franchise ended up having (61-101). Grifol was bad because his in-game strategy was terrible, he lost the clubhouse, and he was terrible at speaking about the team to the media.

It didn't look like they wanted to be out there on most days. There were also some incidents within the players on the team in 2023 which is never a good sign for the manager either.

For some reason, the White Sox are going to keep him for 2024. He deserved to be fired following this season. He didn't help them take a step forward following the Tony La Russa departure. He made it worse and the team fell backward.

We can only hope that with Chris Getz in the GM chair for the long haul now, he had enough conversations with Grifol to make sure he is a good guy for the job in 2024. Fans and media will need to see it for themselves.

When the team is supposed to be good but they were flat-out terrible, someone has to be held accountable. Well, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams were fired so Grifol is the next in line if things don't start well next year. They must make sure that he is prepared better for 2024 since they are keeping him.