3 things to know about the Chicago White Sox going into the 2023 season

Division Series - Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox - Game Four
Division Series - Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox - Game Four / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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2. The White Sox will be held accountable during the 2023 season.

Tony La Russa didn't work out for the White Sox in his second appearance with the club. It resulted in opening the door for Pedro Grifol and his coaching staff.

Grifol has high praise for every single person part of this organization and has brought a new brand of baseball to a team that desperately needed it. Grifol is competitively leading this club and the players are all on board with his way of managing the game of baseball.

Grifol knows the talent he has on his roster and there are no excuses for this team not to play competitive baseball at the highest level.

It's very assuring knowing the White Sox will be held accountable for their upcoming season and it could result in the roster showing more effort and care. That is again something they lacked in 2022.

Another huge accountable factor was the re-signing of veteran Elvis Andrus. Andrus served a leadership role in the late stages of 2022 which should continue into the 2023 season.

Andrus isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. His leadership role could result in another profound way of playing successful baseball throughout the longevity of an MLB season.