3 updated Jazz Chisholm White Sox trades following Luis Arraez news

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
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The American League Central Division is loaded with question marks. Obviously, one of them is the Chicago White Sox who had a truly terrible year in 2022. They were expected to be very good and were the most mediocre .500 team ever.

One team that was almost as much of a disappointment was the Minnesota Twins. They finished a couple of games behind the White Sox in third place but they are both trying to get to where the Cleveland Guardians were in 2022. Each is trying to improve on a tough ending.

Well, the Twins made a weird move to trade Luis Arraez to the Miami Marlins for pitching help. They are letting go of one of their best hitters and one of the best hitters in the American League. Now, he is heading to Miami as the Twins hope that this move makes them better in the long term.

Arraez is going to play second base for the Marlins which is his natural position. They signed Jean Segura and he is going to play shortstop which is certainly the best spot for him. That leaves Jazz Chisholm Jr. without a position.

The Chicago White Sox might be able to trade for their second baseman.

Kim Ng says that they are going to use Chisholm Jr. in centerfield which wouldn't be a bad idea but you can't help but wonder if they will consider trading him for help in other areas.

If he came to the Chicago White Sox, he would certainly be put at second base which is his natural position. For a deal like that to happen, the package might have to look something like this: