3 updated Jazz Chisholm White Sox trades following Luis Arraez news

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
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To White Sox: Jazz Chisholm - To Marlins: Colson Montgomery, Yoelqui Cespedes, Wes Kath

The White Sox might be smart to give up some prospect capital here.

If the White Sox added Jazz Chisholm Jr. to the team right now, they would instantly become better. He would fit in so well with Tim Anderson in the middle of the infield. With Andrew Vaughn and Yoan Moncada at the corners, it could end up being a very solid defensive infield. 

They all have also shown the ability to hit well at different times in the past. If they all managed to have good years in 2023, that could be the best overall infield in the division which could go a long way in helping the team win. It may take a lot to get Jazz but it could be worth it.

Colson Montgomery, Yoelqui Cespedes, and Wes Kath are all very good prospects that want to play Major League Baseball one day. For where the Miami Marlins are in thier rebuild right now, it might be worth it to add some of these young guys and see what they have in them.

They are clearly trying to improve in 2023 otherwise they wouldn't have traded for Arraez but they can still keep getting younger to see if they can make their team really good in the long term while trying to compete for wins in the short term.