3 updated Jazz Chisholm White Sox trades following Luis Arraez news

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To White Sox: Jazz Chisholm - To Marlins: Jake Burger, Lucas Giolito, Oscar Colas

It might take a steep return for the White Sox to get Jazz Chisholm Jr.

The Chicago White Sox could make a big move before spring training begins. It is unlikely that they do because they are content with what they have at second base but it is pretty obvious that using Romy Gonzalez or Lenyn Sosa is not putting their best foot forward.

Making a big trade to shake things up would at least be them trying to do something to reverse what happened to them last year. They can get a very good second baseman that would change the entire dynamic of their team from a team loaded with infielders.

If he doesn't play centerfield well, the Sox should be ready to strike. Getting rid of Lucas Giolito, Jake Burger, and Oscar Colas would again be a hefty price but any team seeking Jazz is going to have to do so if they want him bad enough.

Giolito is hoping to have a bounce-back year while Burger and Colas are looking for everyday playing time that they may or may not get with the White Sox. The Marlins might be a team willing to give it to them right away. It would be tough to see these guys go but trying to compete in 2023 is important.