3 updated Jazz Chisholm White Sox trades following Luis Arraez news

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
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To White Sox: Jazz Chisholm - To Marlins: Garrett Crochet, Gavin Sheets, Aaron Bummer

Getting a great player like Jazz Chisholm Jr. certainly would cost a lot.

The Miami Marlins play in arguably the toughest division in the league. The Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 2021, the Philadelphia Phillies were in the World Series in 2022, and the New York Mets have the highest payroll by a lot and have the best chance of the three in 2023.

The Washington Nationals are awful so the Marlins don't really have to worry about them. However, they clearly want to compete in the division this year and seem to be trying to do so. The trade for Luis Arraez certainly suggests that they are trying to win.

Trading from a strength to address a weakness would certainly help their chances. Garrett Crochet and Aaron Bummer would totally help them with their bullpen. That is something that can propel any team in the league forward. Each of them had some injury trouble in 2022 but are ready to go now.

Gavin Sheets is a power-hitting lefty that can increase any team's chances of hitting more home runs. He doesn't play right field particularly well but he does good enough sometimes and he is a natural first baseman which is something that might help the Marlins in one way or another.

None of these trades could end up being what gets Chisholm out of Miami but you truly never know. If he does become available, however, the White Sox should be as all-in as these trades suggest because he is a wonderful player.

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