3 updated White Sox trade packages for Shohei Ohtani following Art Moreno news

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To White Sox: Shohei Ohtani - To Angels: Luis Robert, Michael Kopech, Sean Burke

A trade like this would be a blockbuster for the Chicago White Sox.

In addition to being such a good pitcher, Ohtani is a magnificent hitter. He can compete with anyone in any area of the offensive side of the game. Aaron Judge had an outlier of a home run total but Ohtani is right there for the league lead every year. He also hits for contact and steals lots of bases.

A trade of Luis Robert, Michael Kopech, and Sean Burke would certainly be an interesting return for a player like Ohtani. Each of them provides something so different for a franchise.

In terms of Robert, he can legit become one of the best players in baseball. He has shown flashes of brilliance as he has made his way into the league over the last couple of years. He, like Jimenez, just gets hurt a lot and needs to find a way to figure that part out. He can be a game-changer.

Kopech has as high of a ceiling as any pitcher in the White Sox organization including Dylan Cease. That is high praise for him as he works back from Tommy John surgery. In 2023, he will then be a second-year starter in a row and that could see him take a huge step.

As mentioned before, the Angels might want a prospect or maybe even multiple depending on the package. Sean Burke is a pitcher that would make great sense in a group like this.