3 updated White Sox trade packages for Shohei Ohtani following Art Moreno news

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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To White Sox: Shohei Ohtani - To Angels: Colson Montgomery, Oscar Colas, Sean Burke, Yoelqui Cespedes, Noah Schultz

The Chicago White Sox could just give up all of their best prospects.

The Chicago White Sox are still trying to build thier farm back up after graduating so many of its players to the Major League level. Now, trading all of the best ones for Shohei Ohtani would certainly bring it back down but it might be worth it in the end.

Sending the Angels five of their ten best prospects might be a good idea of they truly believe that Ohtani can be a missing piece to their World Series winning aspirations. It might not last for as long but they would be able to at least bank on Ohtani helping them that much.

Colson Montgomery and Oscar Colas are each top-100 MLB prospects which is something that would surely be attractive to the Angels.

Sean Burke, Yoelqui Cespedes, and Noah Schultz are also all very capable of making it to the league one day. This would be a complete blockbuster trade.

Again, we don't know that the Angels are even going to move him but you'd assume that they try if the believe he isn't coming back. The White Sox making a move like this would be stunning but it is certainly very fun to think about. Getting a two-for-one player like that would be so cool.

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