3 veterans that the Chicago White Sox should trade right now

The Chicago White Sox have a few veteran players that they should trade away.
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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Erick Fedde could help a team improve their starting rotation this year

The Chicago White Sox have helped Erick Fedde save his Major League career. He went and played overseas and was incredible. He learned something about his mechanics and approach that helped him become a great pitcher again.

So far with the White Sox, outside of one stinker this week against the Toronto Blue Jays, he has been a great story.

Fedde has a 4-1 record with a 3.10 ERA and 1.086 WHIP. He has 52 strikeouts in 58.0 innings pitched. These numbers suggest that he is officially back to being a good pitcher in Major League Baseball.

The sample size is not large but it isn't so small that it can be ignored either. There have to be contending teams that are looking at him right now.

We know that pitching is king in this league and that is especially true in the playoffs. Teams may overpay to get a guy who has pitched well so far this season. Erick Fedde fits that bill.

Of all the veterans on the roster right now, Fedde might be the most attractive to buyers. The White Sox should act on it quickly.